Sex therapy is a method designed to improve sexual function, and treat sexual dysfunction.

A sexual dysfunction is any difficulty experienced by one partner at any stage of sexual activity. This may include physical pleasure, sexual desire, arousal, and climaxing. Sexual dysfunction is where one partner will experience extreme distress and personal strain for a minimum of six months, making it an ongoing issue with their sexual health.

Sex therapy includes dealing with all sorts of problems, including dealing with problems that are imposed by sexual interests, including gender dysphoria and even being transgender.

History of Sex Therapy

Sex therapy has existed around the world for a long time. It has taken many different forms, including manuals, spells and aphrodisiacs. Sexual dysfunctions and sex therapy has been limited to scientific discussion since the 19th century, and continues to grow and be more relevant now.

In the 1950’s sex therapy was considered to be controlling sexual expression and even repression of what was thought to be deviant behaviors. However as these behaviors became more accepted, sex therapy become more recognized. 

In the 1980’s and 1990’s, sex therapy was able to link with medicine even more, thanks to developments in medicine. Things like pills and injections were make to aid male sexual dysfunctions like ED and premature ejaculation. Similarly, dilators were also made for women, these are a type of device to help women who suffer from vaginismus. 

Sex Therapy In Practice

Sex therapy, especially modern practice, using medical techniques alongside psychotherapeutic ones. Medical techniques include prescribing someone oral treatment like Viagra, to help with erectile dysfunction, and Paxil, to help with premature ejaculation. Sex therapists often adopt a trans-formative approach with the aim of understanding the psychological, biological, and relational problems that are associated with sexual dysfunction.

Sex therapy requires a lot of evaluation, mental and physical, in order to see where the sexual dysfunction comes from. A good example of this is with men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. This can be caused by poor blood flow, and could therefore be fixed with exercise and a healthier lifestyle. Other reasons why men may suffer from ED, is due to anxiety.

If you are going through sex therapy then there are chances that you will go to a number of different sessions that allow you to discuss potential issues with a trained sex therapist. As such, communication is essential in fixing any underlying issues that you or your partner may have.

Sex Therapy with the Elderly

As you age you experience both physical and emotional transformations, your hormone levels will change, and so will many more factors within you body. All of this can heavily affect your sex life and sexuality.

In older adults, little attention has been paid to sexuality and there are many sexual dysfunctions attributed to this. Sex therapy with older adults looks at factors that influence sexuality, including sexual desire, activity and the value of sexual health. Sex therapists frequently work with older couples in order to help them make the most of sex at an older age.

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