The Ultimate Guide To Anal Beads

Anal beads are some of our most popular sex toys. They are great for both solo masturbation and partnered play. Below our sex educators talk about everything you need to know about anal beads including what they are, how you use them, and the best anal beads available!

What Are Anal Beads?

Anal beads have a very unique and recognisable shape. They are a sex toy that is designed to be inserted into your rectum and then pulled out again.

Anal Beads Design

Anal beads have numerous spheres that are all joined together on a cord. The spheres or balls can either be the same size or gradually increase in size. The end of the sex toy will usually feature a retrieval cord or a wide base that allows for you to easily pull them out. The flanged base is also there to prevent the adult toy from being swallowed by your rectum.

What Are They For

Anal beads are a sex toy for anal insertion. They are designed for sexual pleasure and can be used during solo masturbation or even with your partner. They are supposed to be inserted and then removed repeatably for incredible sensations.

What Makes Them Different From Butt Plugs

Anal beads are different from butt plugs in many ways, the main one being the appearance. Butt plugs feature a teardrop shape with a flanged base, whereas anal beads feature numerous spheres that are joined together. 

Another main difference between anal beads and butt plugs is that butt plugs are designed to be left in the rectum, whereas anal beads are designed to be inserted and removed simultaneously.

How To Use Anal Beads

Anal beads, like any anal sex toy, are pretty straight forward to use. Below we talk outline how you can use anal beads.

Inspect Your Beads

When you receive any sex toy it is extremely important to take a look over your new product. Make sure your anal beads don’t have any issues with them, check each sphere and make sure they are smooth. Try pulling the cord that holds the beads together to ensure that they are strong.

Start Small

When you are buying anal beads for the first time make sure you buy smaller ones, if you are buying any sex toy for the first we always recommend starting small. This is especially important when you are using anal sex toys.

Relax & Warm Up

Get yourself nice and relaxed, and then start to get yourself aroused. This might happen by using dimming the lights, or turning on some music. You may even want to use another sex toy like a bullet vibrator or rabbit vibrator to get fully aroused.

Use Plenty Of Anal Lube

When using an anal sex toy it is important to use anal lubricant. This will help make insertion of the first bead even easier. Anal lubricant is different from others and is usually thicker, making it last longer inside of you.

Once you are aroused start applying plenty of anal lubricant to your anal beads and rectum. Make sure you keep the anal lube near by so you can re-apply if needs be.

Start Off Slow

Start off by slowly inserting the first anal bead into your rectum. Insert them as far as you feel comfortable. Feel each bead as you slowly insert them into your anus, if at any point it feels uncomfortable stop using them. Once the anal beads are in you can start pulling them out. Repeat this process over and over again. If you want more stimulation then use your anal beads with a rabbit vibrator or other female sex toy. You can also use anal beads whilst you have penetrative sex with your partner.

Increase Speed

Once you are used to your anal beads try putting them in and pulling them out at various different speeds. Increase the speed for even more stimulation, and decrease for a more sensual experience.

Try Vibrating Anal Beads

Once you have had enough of your classic anal beads why not try and spice things up a bit more with some new vibrating anal beads. These will add a whole new stimulation to your sexual pleasure. Vibrating anal beads usually have multiple different vibration functions so try out each one, starting at the bottom and then slowly working up through the vibration settings.

Who Are Anal Beads For

Anal beads are for any one who wants to use them! Anal beads are designed to be put in to the rectum so can be used by both men and women!

What Are The Best Anal Beads

When you are buying anal beads it is only natural to want to buy the best ones available. Below are some of our best anal beads that are all available to buy from our online store today. Remember that if you spend over £30 you will receive free shipping!

Loving Joy Triple Ripple Anal Beads Black

The Loving Joy Triple Ripple Anal Beads Black are our best anal beads. These popular anal beads are made from super silky soft silicone so feel great as they are entered.

Loving Joy Triple Ripple Anal BeadsThese anal beads feature three different sized spheres that are all attached together by silicone. The first sphere is small to allow for easy insertion, and then they slowly get bigger. At the end of these anal beads is a thick retrieval cord to prevent these anal sex toys from being fully inserted into your rectum.

You can buy these silicone anal beads today from our online sex shop!


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Rocks Off Bubbles Petite Sensations Anal Beads

The Rocks Off Bubbles Anal Beads have been enhanced with vibration technology to enhance pleasure even more. These anal beads are also made from silicone and aren’t too big, making them great products for beginners.

Rocks Off Vibrating Anal BeadsThese anal beads have three different spheres for stimulation. At the base of the spheres is a bullet vibrator that transfers vibrations throughout the anal beads.

You can buy the Rocks Off Petite Sensations today from our online sex toys shop where all orders are shipped from our UK based warehouse!

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Loving Joy Triple Ripple Anal Beads Pink

The Loving Joy Triple Ripple Anal Beads are exactly the same as our best selling anal beads, but in pink. 

Loving Joy Triple Ripple Pink Anal BeadsThese anal beads are made from silicone making them feel extremely soft and pleasurable as they are entered. This sex toy consists of three different sized beads that are very straight forward and easy to insert.

You can buy the Loving Joy Triple Ripple Anal Beads today from our UK based online sex shop, where all orders are shipped in plain and discreet packaging.

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Loving Joy Anal Love Beads Purple

The Loving Joy Purple Anal Beads are a classic design. They are also called thai beads or rigid beads. This sex toy has multiple spheres that are all attached together.

Loving Joy Anal Beads PurpleThese anal beads have a total of ten different spheres. This sex toy is great for beginners because the first bead is very small, and the rest of them do not increase in size that massively.

You can buy these cheap anal beads today and our UK based warehouse will dispatch them straight to your door in plain and discreet packaging!

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Alive Bubbles Silicone Anal Beads

These are some of our most popular silicone anal beads. They feature seven different sized beads that gradually increase and then decrease in size.

Alive Bubbles Anal BeadsUnlike other anal beads, these anal beads aren’t very separated, they are all closely joined together. This sex toy also features a ring at the end that allows you to easily pull them out and push them back in.

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Rocks Off Pearls Petite Sensations Anal Beads

The Rocks Off Pearls are a set of vibrating anal beads. These anal beads feature five different beads that are all joined together.

Rocks Off Pearls Vibrating Anal BeadsWhat makes this sex toy different to the other anal beads is that they feature a bullet vibrator at the base which causes the vibrations to travel upwards through the beads.

You can buy these popular anal beads today from the Happy Lola online sex shop!

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Fifty Shades of Grey Carnal Bliss Anal Beads

The Fifty Shades of Great Carnal Bliss Anal Beads features three different sized anal beads attached together by silky smooth silicone. These anal beads are small and compact making them great for beginners.Fifty Shades Silicone Anal Beads UprightThe anal beads feature a strurdy ring at the base allowing you to easily pull out and push the spheres back into your rectum.

You can buy the silicone anal beads today from the Happy Lola online sex shop.

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Loving Joy Anal Beads Black

The Loving Joy Black Anal Beads or Thai Beads are another classic design. This sex toy features ten different sized spheres that all gradually increase in size.

Loving Joy Anal Beads BlackThese anal beads are easy and straightforward to use. The first bead is very small and easy to insert. The spheres on these beads gradually increase in size, but never increase too much, making them a great anal sex toy for beginners.

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Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Intensified Anal Beads

The Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Intensified Anal Beads provide a modern twist on a classic favourite. These anal beads feature six different sized spheres that gradually get bigger.

Fifty Shades Pleasure Intensified Anal Beads

At the base of this sex toy is a ring that follows a long neck, this allows your rectum to close over it, preventing the beads from be absorbed into your rectum.

You can buy these anal beads today and our UK based warehouse will ship them directly to your door step!

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If you have any more questions about anal beads then feel free to contact us and one of our sex educators and sex toy experts will get back to you with all the answers.