We are fully aware that when it comes to purchasing goods online, you expect to do so with peace of mind and to be able to trust in the website and company you are buying from.

We have taken every step to ensure that you not only have a secure and safe shopping experience but also a great one. This is true across all your devices, so you can shop safely from your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer with confidence and ease, with the knowledge that we take every precaution to ensure your online safety.

Our credit card HTML pages are hosted on our payment gateways secure server and communicate directly with our merchant bankers, Lloyds Bank Plc. As a result all credit card information is stored with Secure Trading which has the highest level of security and PCI compliance available.

All communications within the Secure Trading system are strongly encrypted using the most up-to-date and advised security protocols.

We are a member of Safebuy. When you shop with us, you can be rest assured that you’ll have a hassle-free online shopping experience. As a SafeBuy member, we commit to the following strict guidelines:

  • Adherence to all UK and EU laws
  • Total privacy of personal data and security of debit/credit card handling
  • Clear presentation of all costs including delivery charges and VAT
  • Transparent contact details with full geographic address and phone number

Cloudflare is one of the world’s largest networks. Today, businesses, non-profits, bloggers, and anyone with an Internet presence boast faster, more secure websites and apps thanks to Cloudflare. Simply put, Cloudflare is the industry standard in online security.