Sensate focus is a sex therapy technique that was introduced by the Masters and Johnson research team. They lead the way in the research of the nature of human sexual response, and the diagnosis of sexual dysfunctions and disorders.

Sensate focus works by refocusing the participants on their own sensuality and sensory perceptions instead of focusing on the end goal, of genitals and penetrative sex. This technique has been used to treat problems with body image, orgasm disorders, lack of sexual functions, and even erectile dysfunction.

How It Works

Sensate focus is conducted by the couples at home, in between therapy sessions. The idea is that the couple are nude and touching each other during the exercise, but do not have sexual intercourse during the sessions.

The two partners are then instructed to focus on their own sensual experience instead of focusing on an orgasm. The main emphasis of the technique is to focus on touching in a mindful way for yourself, without regarding for sexual response or pleasure, make it more or a sensual experience.

Your sex therapist will usually guide different techniques for you to take home. The first one will usually include touching your partner, excluding you and your partners genitalia. There is strong encouragement on feeling the texture and other qualities of your partners skin. This will encourage you to focus on what you find comfortable and are interested in.

In later sessions it is then encouraged to touch your partners genitalia, with you then exploring other avenues of lust, including hugging and kissing. Talking with your partner throughout the experience is also very important.

The main aim with this is to minimise pressure and sexual expectations, allowing you and your partner to experience new sensual possibilities with one another. People who give this technique a go often experience an improved sex life, and men report and increased level of sexual arousal and an improved erection.

If you have any more questions about sensate focus or would even like to tell us your experience about it, then please feel free to contact us and one of our sex educators will get back to you as soon as possible.

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