Fleshlight is a male sex toy manufacturer that produces some of the best and most well known male masturbators. The Fleshlight is in fact the world’s biggest-selling male masturbation toy and is also one of the most well known sex toy brands.

Fleshlight Material

Fleshlight sex toy sleeves are made from a soft, non-vibrating, realistic feeling material called SuperSkin. This material has been designed to replicate the feel of a partners skin, in order to allow you to mimic penetrative sex as much as possible.

The soft cyberskin material is then housed in a plastic case. This sturdy case allows you to have a tighter feel while in use compared to other male sex toys like strokers. The firm plastic housing led Fleshlight products to being nick names ‘sex torches’. Other Fleshlight nicknames include the sex in a can or beer can vagina. This is due to one product having an artificial vagina housed in a can.

Fleshlight Plastic Case

The Fleshlight inner sleeve is housed in a solid plastic case that looks a bit like a flashlight. This plastic case comes in various different sizes and shapes. The classic shape is by far the most popular, but smaller sizes are also very desirable, especially for men who want a more portable version of the best selling male sex toy.

Fleshlight Overview

Fleshlight was originally designed and created by Steve Shubin, who patented this male sex toy in 1998 as a device for ‘discreet sperm collection’. The first Fleshlight, now called the Fleshlight Original Pink Vagina is still one of the best selling male sex toys available.

Since the launch of the first sex torch, Fleshlights range has grown tremendously. To start off with Fleshlight released other orifices including replicas of the anus and mouth. Nowadays you can even buy Fleshlight products that have been molded directly from the bodies of pornographic actresses. This range is called the Fleshlight Girls with popular porn starts like Lisa Ann, Jenna Haze and Jessica Drake all having their bodies molded.

Another spin off brand that Fleshlight created was the FleshJack Boys. This is a range of masturbation sleeves and dildos molded from the bodies of male pornographic actors.

What Are The Most Popular Fleshlight Products?

Since Fleshlight are constantly releasing new products we think it is a great idea to let you know the best Fleshlight products that you can buy based on what our customers have bought before.

Fleshlight Pink Vagina Original

The Fleshlight Pink Vagina Original is still one of our best selling and most popular Fleshlight products. This male sex toy features a realistic artificial vagina that is housed in a firm plastic case.

The Fleshlight Pink Vagina Original features a smooth sleeve for an easy yet realistic experience.

You can buy the Fleshlight Pink Vagina Original today and our UK based warehouse will ship it to you in quickly and in discreet packaging!

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Fleshlight Vagina Stamina Training Unit

The Fleshlight Vagina Stamina Training Unit is one of the most popular Fleshlight products for men. This is an artificial vagina that is housed in a plastic case. The plastic case on this masturbation aid is gold, giving it a beautiful look.

What makes this male sex toy different to the Original Fleshlight is the internal sleeve. It is made from the famous realistic SuperSkin material, however features numerous ribs and nodules that are designed to stimulate your penis even more!

You can buy the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit today and receive free shipping!

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Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid Utopia

Riley Reid is one of our best selling Fleshlight Girls. This Fleshlight is made from the SuperSkin formula and has been molded directly from Riley Reids vulva!

The internal canal as different ribs and nodules to drive you wild whilst using this masturbation sleeve. When you use this artificial vagina why not pull up some of your favourite movies staring this pornographic actress?

Buy the Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid Artificial Vagina today and experience an incredibly realistic session!

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Fleshlight GO Toque Male Masturbator

This Fleshlight is another one of our best sellers. Unlike the other Fleshlight products that we have gone through this one allows you to see your penis as you penetrate it.

Both the plastic housing and the inner sleeve are made from a completely see through version of the SuperSkin material. 

The Fleshlight Go is also 17% shorter than other Fleshlight products making it even easier for you to take your favourite sex toy around with you.

You can buy the Fleshlight Go Torque today and our UK warehouse will ship it discreetly to you!

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Fleshlight Pink Vagina Vortex

The Fleshlight Pink Vagina Vortex is very similar to the Fleshlight Original. This is because they both feature a vulva orifice, they are both housed in a black plastic case, and they are made from SuperSkin.

What makes this Fleshlight different is the internal canal. The Fleshlight Vortex features a heavily textured canal which feel great as you use it.

You can buy the Fleshlight Pink Vagina Vortex today and receive free shipping!

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If you have any more questions on what is a Fleshlight then feel free to contact us!