The Fleshlight is a classic male sex toy, so if you don’t have one already you should definitely think about purchasing one! Fleshlight is the best selling male sex toy brand across the world, and are used by men everywhere!

Choosing a Fleshlight can be easy for some, you may already know what pornographic actress you want so you can buy your favourite Fleshlight Girl. For others, choosing the right Fleshlight can be a daunting experience. Our sex educators have created a nice guide in order to help you choose the right Fleshlight.

Buying The Right Fleshlight

Fleshlight products are disguised as a torch (which is where they get their nickname the ‘sex-torch from), and feature a realistic sleeve that is made from a SuperSkin material. This material has been designed to give you the most realistic sensations possible.The cyberskin inner sleeve is then housed in a plastic case which gives the product some good support. It also makes the Fleshlight feel tighter as you move your penis in and out of it.

Fleshlight Pink Vagina Original

When choosing a Fleshlight there are a few things to consider, and you need to establish what you want.

Fleshlight First Timer:

If you are buying a Fleshlight for the first time or even a male sex toy then you may want to start off slow. Using a male sex toy for the first time can make you ejaculate very quickly so if you want to train yourself and prolong your masturbation sessions then you may want to stray away from vibrating or heavily textured versions of Fleshlight.

As such the best Fleshlight for you to start off with may be the Fleshlight Pink Vagina Original This product is made from the soft SuperSkin material giving you a super realistic experience. What makes this artificial vagina great for first time users is that it has a smooth internal canal. This means that the sensations won’t be as strong as other Fleshlight masturbation sleeves.

Although this masturbation aid doesn’t give as much stimulation as other Fleshlight products, it is still one of our best selling sleeves. You can buy this today and we will ship it from our UK based warehouse in discreet packaging!

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The Discrete Fleshlight User

If you are looking for something a bit more discreet or something that you can hide away from your flat mates then Fleshlight Sex In A Can Lady Larger is the right one for you!

This masturbation aid also has the nickname of ‘vag in a can’ as it is housed in a beer can. This is one of the tightest Fleshlight products available and also the smallest. It is great for beginners and also those who want something they can easily hide away.

This is also one of our cheaper Fleshlight products so if you don’t have a massive budget then this could be the right one for you!

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The Tighter The Fleshlight The Better:

For those of you who think that a tighter Fleshlight will be better then we suggest you buy the Fleshlight Flight Pilot. This Fleshlight comes in a slightly different case to other Fleshlight products.

The case itself is slightly smaller making it easier to carry. The masturbation sleeve is doughnut shaped and looks incredibly stylish. This tight male sex toy will drive you wild! Buy remember to use plenty of personal lubricant to make insertion easier!

You can buy the Fleshlight Flight Pilot today and our UK based warehouse will ship it with free delivery!

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The Fleshlight Girl Lover

If you already have a Fleshlight then you may want to try another one, one that is slightly different. If this is the case then we suggest that you buy a Fleshlight Girls. 

Our best Fleshlight Girl is Lisa Ann. This much loved Milf has been one of our most popular Fleshlight Girls for a long time!

The Lisa Ann Fleshlight has been molded directly from her vagina and features an incredible ribbed internal sleeve.

You can buy the Fleshlight Girls Lisa Ann Masturbation Aid today and receive it with free shipping from our UK warehouse!

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When choosing a Fleshlight it is also very important to consider how and where you will be using it. If you are using it in a flat share then you may want a smaller item, and probably a non-vibrating one!

If you have any more questions on how to choose a Fleshlight then feel free to contact us and one of our sex educators will get back to you as soon as possible!