Best Male Masturbators

Male masturbators are designed to simulate the sensation of sexual intercourse on your erection in order to induce orgasm and ejaculation. They are very popular sex toys for men and are great adult toys to enhance solo masturbation.

Male masturbators have a variety of different names including artificial vaginas or pocket pussies. These are realistic male sex toys that are designed to look like the female genitalia. Strokers are another type of masturbation aid that are designed to look less realistic, and often have a non-phallic opening. Both of these types of masturbation aid sex toys can be vibrating and non-vibrating. Vibrating male masturbators have additional vibration functions for even more stimulation.

Below you will find a guide to some of the best male masturbators, which have all been handpicked by our sex educators and sex toy experts.

Loving Joy Realistic Vagina and Ass Male Masturbator

The Loving Joy Realistic Vagina and Ass Male Masturbator is a dual stimulation male sex toy. This adult toy for men features an artificial vagina and an artificial anus. It features two internal canals that both have different textures.

Loving Joy Artificial Vagina with Anus Oririfice This masturbation aid is made from super soft and stretchy TPR. The material is designed to feel extremely realistic.

What makes this one of our best male masturbators is that you can put a bullet vibrator into one of the holes, turning it into a male vibrator, and giving you even more stimulation.

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REV1000 Rotating Male Masturbator

The REV1000 is a rotating male masturbator that will drive you wild and have you coming back for more. It features an internal tunnel that has a rotating motor attached to it. The inner canal has numerous nodules that are designed to stimulate the head of your penis. The nodules are made from TPE which is very soft and feels a bit like cyberskin.

REV1000 Rotating Male Vibrators The REV1000 rotating male masturbator features seven rotating speeds and seven rotating settings. This gives you a total of 49 different combinations to choose from.

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Loving Joy Real Feel Blow Job Stroker

The Loving Joy Real Feel Blow Job Stroker is an incredibly unique male sex toy that is designed to give you the most realistic blow job sensation possible.

Loving Joy Real Feel Blow Job Stroker This masturbation aid features realistic lips, soft white teeth, a ribbed mouth, a tongue, realistic tonsils, and a ribbed throat, to give you a realistic, deep throat, blow job sensation. 

This is one of our most unique and best male masturbators. It is also one of our tightest male sex toys and features two PVC tubes that goes through it in order to make it feel as tight as possible.

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Fleshlight Pink Vagina Original Masturbation Aid

Fleshlight is one of the most popular and well known manufacturers of male sex toys. A Fleshlight is a product that was originally designed and patented as a device for discreet sperm collection.

Fleshlight Pink Vagina Original This Fleshlight features an artificial vagina orifice and has a small, smooth inner canal. This male sex toy is housed in a plastic case with a cap at the top allowing you to control the air flow.

This Fleshlight product is made from a SuperSkin material that is designed to feel as realistic as possible.

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Loving Joy Real Feel Male Masturbator – Pleasure Stroker

The Loving Joy Pleasure Stroker is an artificial vagina that is designed to bring you to orgasm. This masturbation aid is made from a Cyberskin material that has a firm TPE base. This means that it is very soft and easily stretched around your penis.

Loving Joy Real Feel Artificial Vagina Pleasure Stroker This sex toy for men has a realistic orifice and a ribbed tunnel that will send you quickly into orgasm.

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Tenga Flip Hole Black Male Masturbator

The Tenga Flip Hole is a re-useable male masturbation aid that has been designed in Japan. This masturbation aid comes with three lubricants making it ready to use as soon as it arrives.

Tenga Flip Hole Black The Tenga Flip Hole is one of our tightest masturbators and features a unique design that allows you to control the tightness of it. On the front there are three buttons that can be pushed down, allowing you to make this sex toy feel tighter if you desire.

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Loving Joy Real Feel Male Masturbator – Pussy Stroker

The Loving Joy Real Feel Masturbation Aid features a realistic orifice making it look just like the real thing!

Loving Joy Artificial Vagina - Pussy Stroker The Loving Joy pocket pussy is made from TPE, a stretchy and affordable material that feels extremely realistic. It also features a ribbed internal canal for additional stimulation.

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Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid Utopia Masturbation Aid

This is our best male masturbator and Fleshlight Girls. This masturbation aid has been molded directly from Riley Reid, the pornographic actresses vagina.

Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid

This Fleshlight Girls features an incredible ribbed inner canal and an artificial vagina that is made from SuperSkin, a very realistic feeling material.

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TENGA Air Tech Twist Cup

The Tenga Air Tech Twist is a male masturbation aid that is designed to look un-realistic. This male sex toy is one of our most popular masturbation cups due to the ability for you to control the tightness. In order to do so, simply twist the top of the masturbator to tighten it.

Tenga Air Tech Twist There are two different Tenga Air Tech Twists that both feature different sleeve. The sleeves are made from a very soft and stretchy TPE material that will drive you wild!

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Doc Johnson Main Squeeze The Original Pussy

This artificial vagina by Doc Johnson is very unique. It features two squeeze plates that help you to control the tightness of this sex toy. This masturbation aid is made from TPE and features an internal canal that has nodules and ribs that will drive you wild!

Doc Johnson Main Squeeze Artificial Vagina This artificial vagina is housed in a plastic case that has a hole at the top which allows for controlled air flow. This sex toy for men is extremely easy to use and would just require you to apply some personal lubricant to both your member and the artificial vagina.

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If you have any more questions on the best male masturbators then feel free to contact us and on of our sex educators or sex toy experts will get back to you as soon as possible.