About Fleshlight Girls

The Fleshlight Girls is a sub-brand that consists of masturbation sleeves that have been moulded directly from porn stars vaginas.

Pornstar Fleshlights

The Fleshlight GIrls are moulded from the vulva, anus and mouth of popular porn stars. These are some of the most popular Fleshlight products available and enable you to watch your favourite porn star perform whilst you penetrate your orifice of choice.

What Makes Fleshlight Girls Different?

Fleshlight Girls are slightly different from other Fleshlight products. The main one being that they are molded directly from the orifice of famous porn stars. Other, but smaller differences include:

Plastic Case

The plastic case that houses the inner sleeve is made up from a sleek and stylish white ABS plastic.

Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid Plastic Case

SuperSkin Inner Sleeve

The SuperSkin sleeve is different to other Fleshlight products because they are cast from porn stars vulvas, anus’ or mouths. They are also signed by the porn star, making your Fleshlight Girl of choice even more personal! Fleshlight Girls Lisa Ann

Most Popular Fleshlight Girls

If you want to buy a Fleshlight Girl then you have come to the right place, here at Happy Lola our UK based warehoues stocks the best Fleshlight Girls. Below our sex educators and sex toy experts have created a list of the best Fleshlight Girls to help you make an informed decision when you go to buy one.

Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid Utopia

The Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid is our best selling artificial vagina that has been molded directly from the porn stars vagina. This male sex toys is made from SuperSkin, an incredibly soft and realistic material.

This masturbation sleeve has a textured internal canal that is designed to make you reach climax incredibly quickly.

Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid You can buy the Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid Utopia Masturbation Aid today from our UK based warehouse!

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Fleshlight Girls Lisa Ann Barracuda

The Fleshlight Girls Lisa Ann Artificial Vagina gives you the ability to use this fantastic artificial vagina from your own room. The Lisa Ann Barracuda masturbation aid is our second best Fleshlight Girls. 

This male sex toy features an internal canal that has numerous raised nodules for even more internal stimulation. The nodules are made from SuperSkin, so will feel incredibly soft as you move through them. Fleshlight Girls Lisa Ann Artificial Vagina

Buy the Lisa Ann Artificial Vagina Today and enjoy one of the most famous porn stars in your own space!

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Fleshlight Girls Nicole Aniston Fit

This Fleshlight Girl is a must have for every fan of Nicole Aniston. This artificial vagina has been molded straight from her vulva.

The internal canal features numerous different chambers which feel amazing everytime you push your penis into one. When using this Fleshlight make sure you use plenty of personal lubricant.

Fleshlight Girls Nicole Aniston You can buy this extremely popular Fleshlight today from our online store. Remember to add some lubricant, toy cleaner and renewing powder to keep your Fleshlight sex toy in tip top condition.

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Fleshlight Girls Lola Reve Lotus

This Fleshlight has been molded directly from Lola Reve’s vagina. This masturbation sleeve has been cast in the super soft and extremely realistic feeling SuperSkin material that looks and feels great.

The internal canal on this Fleshlight Girls sex toy is beautifully tight and features numerous different ridges and nodules that you will feel as you move through it.

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The Fleshlight Girls is one of our most popular sub-brands. These best selling male sex toys, with the most popular one being the Riley Reid artificial vagina. You can buy a variety of the different Fleshlight Girls from our online shop today! So don’t waste your time shopping around, pick up a cheap Fleshlight Girl from Happy Lola now!