Feminist sexology is a a little offshoot from traditional sexology (find our more about what is sexology) and focuses on the the intersectionality of sex and gender in relation to women.

Sexology has a basis in Freudian psychoanalysis, which played a big role in the formation of sexology. Feminist sexology aims to be more inclusive of experiences of sexuality and break down the problem areas that have been expressed in sexology in the past.

This offshoot shares many of the same principles with the field of sexology, it take note of a variety of ways in which women express their sexuality.


Many of the topics that are included within feminist sexology circle around similar fields as sexology, including reproductive rights, sex work and gay and transgender identities. Much work in this field has been done over the last few decades and focuses around sexual liberation movements that started in the 1960’s and 70s.

Below are some of the main topics that are touched on in feminist sexology:


This is a major theme in feminist sexology. Lesbian culture and society is sometimes over-looked, resulting in lesbian women being ignored in both public and professional spaces.


Prostitution used to be socially acceptable, however now it is isolated and not as accepted. This shit in perception is known as the modernization of sex.

Children and Sexuality

Society teaches our children about sexuality, which models gender through behavior and children learn to act in a certain way depending on whether they are male or female.

Sex and Respectability

Modern society often judges sex, suggesting that sex should only be something that happens when people are married and heterosexual. Other forms of sex and sexual activity are almost demonized and frowned upon.

Main Points

Male Power

Due to the patriarchal culture of sexual desire, women are often suppressed, and are told not to express their sexual desires.

Sexual Violence

Sexual violence like rape and assault are massive issues within our society. A lot of blame for this is put on the victim, who are said to be at fault for their behavior. 

Body Control

Women face issues regarding their reproductive rights, including access to birth control and rights of choice when it comes to an abortion.

If you have any more questions on feminist sexology then please feel free to contact us and one of our sex educators and experts will get back to you. Alternatively comment below and start a conversation around the topic!

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